Neodymium-yttrium-aluminum doped garnet (Nd:Yag) laser: The neodymium-yttrium-aluminum doped garnet crystal bar, made through manual crystal growth, is an active medium, which results in near IR laser of 1.06 microns by using irradiation with high intensity light. This crystal, which has good mechanical properties, high hardness and good thermal conductivity, can output continuous or repetitive high-power pulses, and is the most widely used laser among solid-state lasers. Nd:YAG laser is equipped with a Q switch to obtain high-speed repetitive pulses. Machining items using laser in industries include: punching, welding, cutting, sculpture, drilling, template mending, marking, surface treatment, and more. In case of combination with doubling or tripling frequency technologies, green or even ultraviolet band output is available as well, which allows for even wider applications use in the electronic industry. In addition to industrial use, the use of laser ingot is also popular in medical science. In recent years, Nd:Yag laser has been applied in cosmetic surgery, or treatment of skin diseases, and so forth. Since it is valuable in use and stable, this application continues to grow.

It is a core laser device. Generally, crystals with higher optical quality are selected and processed to fit the desired side. Nd3+:Yag crystal may be prepared by means of a variety of crystal growth methods, among which the Czochralski method is the main one with more mature art and a better results. The crystal growth furnace of our Company is designed and manufactured for crystal growth using exactly this Czochralski method. This furnace is also an ideal crystal growth furnace for Nd:Yag laser ingots. The laser crystals grown this way are optically uniform (reflectivity) without scattering or absorption loss for light beams passing through.