LYSO Crystal, which is a key component for Positron Emission Tomography (PET), has overall light emission amounts and response times exceeding those of BGO crystals and is used for traditional medical images. Thus it has become a main material used in industries. Due to its special function of converting high-energy radioactive rays into visible light, Scintillator plays a key role in high-level medical imaging, high-energy physics and energy exploration applications.
In accordance with requirements of customers, Hypercrystal provides ingots, slabs of different thicknesses, customized pixels, and arrays with different reflectors.
Currently, Hypercrystal is capable of producing high light-yield ingots with diameters of 2.75 inches (70 mm) and 3 inches (80 mm), and may also provide ingots with different thicknesses at customer request.
According to different requirements from customers, different reflectors, including ESR, BaSO4 and Enamel, are provided, together with arrays with different dimensions ranging from 4x4 to 27x38.