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Hypercrystal Co., Ltd. was founded in February 2014. Through university-industry collaboration with National Sun Yat-sen University we obtained rights to patented technologies and production techniques. Dedicated to the production of niche crystals, such as Scintillator, Nd:Yag laser crystals and crystals for OSLD etc., we are one of few companies worldwide capable of crystal production and processing techniques. Dr. Jeun-Shenn Lee (Jason Lee), who retired from Yang-Ming University, serves as General Manager of Hypercrystal. Our academic and clinical experience and industrial practice underpin our Company's deep R&D capabilities and growth technologies. Moreover, Hypercrystal cooperates with upstream and downstream partners with robust foundations in the photoelectric medical device industry to offer customized and one-stop technical services, in order to quickly become a major supplier of key components for major large medical imaging and laser equipment companies all over the world.

Hypercrystal is specialized in the production of functional niche crystals. We provide diversified, different sizes of high-quality LYSO Scintillators in the form of ingots, pixels and arrays. Also, highly/lightly doped Nd_Yag laser crystals and crystals for Optically Stimulated Luminescense Dosimeter (OSLD) are under trial production in our Company, in order to meet different requirements of customers in the laser and radiation industries.

LYSO Crystal, which is a key component for Positron Emission Tomography (PET), has overall light emission amounts and response times exceeding those of BGO crystals and is used for traditional medical images. Thus it has become a main material used in industries. Due to its special function of converting high-energy radioactive rays into visible light, Scintillator plays a key role in high-level medical imaging, high-energy physics and energy exploration applications.

Neodymium-yttrium-aluminum doped garnet (Nd:YAG) laser: The neodymium-yttrium-aluminum doped garnet crystal bar, made through manual crystal growth, is an active medium, which results in near IR laser of 1.06 microns by using irradiation with high intensity light. This crystal, which has good mechanical properties, high hardness and good thermal conductivity, can output continuous or repetitive high-power pulses, and is the most widely used laser among solid-state lasers. Nd:YAG laser is equipped with a Q switch to obtain high-speed repetitive pulses. Machining items using laser in industries...

Hypercrystal is also authorized to produce crystals for detecting OSLD optical excitation radiation by obtaining patented technologies. Compared to traditional Thermo-luminescence Dosimeter (TLD) thermal excitation radiation detection agent, OSLD is less susceptible to fading, may be measured/read, is not influenced by ambient conditions, such as temperature, humidity, moisture etc., is climate resistant, highly uniform, among further advantages, so that it has become the mainstream tool for radiation detection.

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Core Competency
Crystal growth technolgy

LYSO ingot, a patented technology, has a light-yield rate higher than the standard 25%
Nd:Yag laser crystal: high doped and high power
OSLD crystal

Cutting, grinding and polishing technologies

Varieties of pixels are supported

Assembly technology

Multi-layer packaging is patented with assembly technology for various materials

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