Core Competency
Crystal growth technolgy

LYSO ingot, a patented technology, has a light-yield rate higher than the standard 25%
Nd:Yag laser crystal: high doped and high power
OSLD crystal

Cutting, grinding and polishing technologies

Varieties of pixels are supported

Assembly technology

Multi-layer packaging is patented with assembly technology for various materials

Testing report

We own a license from Sun Yat-sen University under which we are authorized to produce high-end crystals using Scintillator growth technology employing the Czochralski (Cz) method. The melting point of Scintillator crystal is nearly 2150℃, which means that growth is difficult. Our crystal growth furnace, which grows L(Y)SO crystals by the Czochralski (Cz) method, is designed with different thermal field structures to suppress volatilization of iridium-gold crucibles, such that the life of thermal insulation consumables is extended, which helps reduce cost. Moreover, the key technique for growth of L(Y)SO crystals lies in a strict and precise operation of a crystal growth environment, in which every step requires maximum accuracy from computerized control, and a thermal field design to separate cooling at last. Without proficient growth technology and experience, it is impossible to grow L(Y)SO Scintillators successfully. This is also why there are only very few companies worldwide that can grow such crystals.

LYSO ingots grown by way of the CZ method, are mainly applied to such high-end medical devices, as PET/CT. Their market has a high technical barrier, and they feature diameters below 3 inches. For these small LYSO ingots, our Company uses a cutting method different from wire-saw. Our method is more stable and induces less vibration during cutting which results in a smooth cutting surface, while the angle accuracy is critical for cutting into crystal pixel. The angle of crystal pixels is a key factor for successful array assembly. With our special process, Hypercrystal is even capable of cutting rectangular crystal pixels of 1*1*10 mm.

Since establishing our crystal lab and trial production in 2014, Hypercrystal has continuously enhanced its "capabilities in crystal growth" to control the proportions of formulated contents, thermal field improvements, crystal growth speed, and even temperature and time of stable annealing. As a result our crystals have received excellent reviews from clients and professional institutions in the USA and Europe, which have tested and applied our crystals. The results from two test performed by customers are given below:

Company Light Emission Amount +/- Uniformity
6/2014 2/2015
Benchmark 0 +/- 0 %
Company A +7 +/- 6.5%
+9.0 +/- 7.1%
Company B -4.6 +/- 8.3%
Company C +22 +/- 6.4%
Hypercrystal +24.5 +/- 5.8% +30.5 +/- 4.5%